Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Sunday best?

It's still 9 million degrees around here so I've had to get more creative with up-do's. This was just a french braid around the back down into a side messy bun. My layers are still too short to do a straight side bun so I improvise.

This is actually a tank dress that I covered with a white oxford.

Top: Old Navy
Dress: hand me down! Isn't it amazing??
shoes: Macy's

Annnnnd if you don't follow my personal blog, this is the reason I've been m.i.a. lately!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

EBEW: Yellow!!

Ah! These shoes. I'm in love. What better way to show them off then by another bright color? You're welcome.

Does it kinda look like I tipped over here to anyone else? Anyone? I promise I haven't been drinking yet today.

A friend gave me this dress this last weekend and I freaked. The sleeves did me in. I shall wear it everyday.

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P.S. Looks like Kate wanted in on the yellow action!

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Been a little busy...

I can't share why yet, but it's coming, no worries! Just know, it's legit!

Last weekend while helping a friend move, I noticed something that stirs my heart. A garage sale sign. Even though I was covered in sweat like nobody's biznasty, I had to stop in. The hubs bought some records and I grabbed this top.

100% polyester goodness. And the lady gave it to me for free with the purchase of our records. Um...yes please, mam, have a garage sale every weekend.

Top: Kathie Lee via garage sale
Skirt and Belt: Gap
Shoes: Target via garage sale
Necklace: F21

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Day 3: Revised

Day 3! Yeah me!

Fishtail braid kinda day...

Remember the vintage purse from Day 1? Here's the other side. Lurve.

I feel like this is profile pic worthy.

Earrings/Sunnies/Dress/Belt: F21
Jeans: H&M

Hope everyone's enjoying their 30 in 30!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Day 2: Uh...not sure this is my thing...

Wow. It took me almost a week to post day 2! yikes.

Here's the thing: Day 3 was a fashion fail. I put together an outfit and left the house in it. About half way through the day I still felt off about my outfit and concluded that it appeared as though a condo decorator in the Florida panhandle had gotten ahold of me. It was not good.

So, I came home and tried on a different bottom with it. Nope. Third option? Still nope. I decided I would remove this top from my thirty. And the first pants from outfit 3 as well.

I decided I probably didn't do a great job of picking 30 items that were really all that diverse or that I even L.o.v.e.d. So, blah.

That was Friday. Saturday I wore a cute outfit within my 30 but forgot to take pics. Sunday, same thing.

And honestly? Can't promise I'll keep to my thirty. boo. I can share more later but life is a little nuts right now. However, I'm committed to getting dressed every day so that's something, right?

On to day 2!

Yes, I stole the idea of the bow placement from Atlantic-Pacific. Her's is better. She's amazing, frankly.

Top: Old Navy
Belt: F21
Jeans: AE

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Day 1: Here we go!

Not only is this day one of my 30 in 30 challenge, but it's my first lesson in photo shop from The Mister. More than that outfit up there, I need you to notice the #1. It's fancy. It takes this blog to a whole new level, people. For reals.

Okay, now that that's out of the way, this is one of my fav pieces. It's vintage. It belonged to my boss' mom back in the day AND it's reversible. Boom.

Shirt: Banana Outlet
Jeans: H&M
Belt: F21
Shoes: Garage Sale (Target)

And can I just say, that you guys are great? Starting a new blog is always a little daunting especially something like this. Since putting myself out there on Thrifters Anonymous, EBEW and the 30 Outfit challenge, you guys have been so encouraging! This whole sub-culture of fashion bloggers is so kind! I love it! Thanks guys! Make sure you leave your blog addy in your comment so I know where to find you too!

Monday, June 13, 2011

Hippest Dad as confirmed by Original Penguin...

Okay, friends, would love a little help from your clicking-ness. (it's totally a word.)

On Facebook there's a contest for photo of "Hippest Dad" and the winner gets oodles of Original Penguin clothes. Yes, please. I entered a Jodie pic (pre-Fresh Art) of the Mister and the Little and it's a finalist!

Now we need votes. Click here and simply "like" the pic of them. It's the very first one of the Mister helping the Little with his tie in front of a crazy wall of vines and stuff. Not sure if you have to "like" the Original Penguin page first or not.

That's all. Happy Monday to you and yours!

If that link isn't working, try this one?