Monday, June 13, 2011

Hippest Dad as confirmed by Original Penguin...

Okay, friends, would love a little help from your clicking-ness. (it's totally a word.)

On Facebook there's a contest for photo of "Hippest Dad" and the winner gets oodles of Original Penguin clothes. Yes, please. I entered a Jodie pic (pre-Fresh Art) of the Mister and the Little and it's a finalist!

Now we need votes. Click here and simply "like" the pic of them. It's the very first one of the Mister helping the Little with his tie in front of a crazy wall of vines and stuff. Not sure if you have to "like" the Original Penguin page first or not.

That's all. Happy Monday to you and yours!

If that link isn't working, try this one?

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